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The Gingerbread Lady has been teaching and inspiring people of all ages to make gingerbread houses for over 20 years. She has taught at schools, libraries, churches, the Smithsonian Institution and the cooking school, L'Academie de Cuisine. Patterns for her incredible creations pictured above and for many more houses with the recipes, and directions are in her book, Gingerbread Ideas. Her new DVD, Gingerbread Housemaking, children's video, Gingerbread Land, and book, are described below. 

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Gingerbread Housemaking

The Gingerbread Lady 
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Patti Hudson's collection of step-by-step demonstrations are a visual treat appropriate for adults, teachers, and children. The variety of these programs instruct, demonstrate and entertain. "Highly Recommended" by VIDEO LIBRARIAN (Nov - Dec 2006). The DVD includes:

Format: DVD full screen; Length: 84 minutes
© 2006  ISBN 1-880928-04-3 

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GIngerbread Ideas is an ideal companion to the new DVD GIngerbread Housemaking. It contains recipes, full-size patterns and instructions for planning gingerbread parties.

Book; 128 pages, 9 x 11˝", soft cover, color photographs
©1998 Patricia L. Hudson      ISBN No. 1-880928-02-7 


Introduces young viewers to the craft of making gingerbread houses . . . There are also plenty of examples of finished and fully decorated gingerbread houses on display, and seeing them is like traveling through an edible art gallery. They're simply "delicious!"

Format: VHS; Length: 18 minutes
©1991 Patricia L. Hudson      ISBN No. 1-880928-01-9

Notes about Products for Parents, Teachers and Librarians

Parents, Teachers, and Librarians will find directions how to give gingerbread housemaking parties and workshops in the Gingerbread Ideas book.  Successful workshops have been given in schools, libraries, churches and homes.  Holiday themes such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, Easter, and Halloween can be used for these workshops.

Libraries are places where people go for resources to learn about "everything under the sun"!  And this is also true of learning how to make gingerbread houses. 

Libraries are also great gathering places for gingerbread house making  workshops and demonstrations. These can be fund raisers providing libraries' patrons an opportunity to make a gingerbread house. By providing the supplies and a place to assemble cookie cottages or gingerbread houses with other families for help and inspiration, the library may bring in new members from their community. 

The Gingerbread Lady's book, Gingerbread Ideas, her new DVD, Gingerbread Housemaking, and children’s video can be a  valuable asset for your workshops. The book can help in the planning of workshops and programs and will be borrowed by patrons researching gingerbread house making. The appropriate programs from the DVD can be shown before workshops.


*NOTE: Teachers and Librarians with special ordering requirements, please contact the Gingerbread Lady directly.

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